Hair Is Crown: These hairstyles are perfect for a handsome look, now follow the new trend..


Best Hair Style For Men: Hair is the crown of our head. Different hairstyles also tell about our looks and personality. But many times we get confused about the hairstyle. If you are fond of experimenting with hairstyles, then try these hairstyle looks.


Disconnected undercut: If you are thinking of adopting something more different, then you can keep a disconnected undercut hairstyle. This hairstyle has long hair on the top while the sides have zero hair.


Taper fade: Carrying long hair on the hairline is called a taper fade hairstyle. Virat Kohli is often seen carrying this hairstyle. A taper fade hairstyle with a trim beard will make the look more fabulous.


Buzz cut: You might remember Shahid Kapoor's hairstyle in Haider. He had kept the film's short hair. The name of this hairstyle is Buzz cut. After Kovid, people followed this hairstyle a lot.


Bold colours: Shady hair flaunted by men and women is now normal. Arjun Rampal's bold-colored hairstyle can also be a perfect hairstyle match for Gen Z. The trend of hairstyles of bold colours is being seen a lot.