Hair Fall: These plants can solve the problem of hair fall, use them like this!


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Our nature provides us with many things that are very useful for our health. There are some leaves around us which are also useful for hair. It contains leaves of some plants, which can prevent hair fall. Nowadays the changed lifestyle is very bad. Due to this, many people face the problem of hair fall. For this, it is necessary to take home and Ayurvedic remedies. Today through this article we are going to tell you which leaves can be useful in preventing hair fall. let's find out...


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Use these things

> Rose petals can be helpful in maintaining the moisture of the roots. Let us tell you that it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can be helpful in providing relief from itching.

>Many hair problems can also be cured by using aloe vera. In such a situation, to prevent hair fall, you can apply aloe vera gel with coconut oil and vitamin E capsules on your hair. This can be beneficial. You can also use aloe vera gel on your hair before sleeping at night.

> You can use curry leaves on your hair. Let us tell you that curry leaves contain anti-oxidants as well as vitamin B, vitamin C, and protein, which nourish the roots and prevent hair fall. In such a situation, you can make curry oil and apply it to your hair. Apart from this, applying curry paste to hair is also beneficial.