Hair Fall: Due to these 4 reasons, hair starts falling excessively in summer, click to know!



Black and thick hair not only enhances our personality but also increases self-confidence. However, as summer approaches, hair-related problems increase. Hair starts falling in this season. Often the reasons for hair fall in summer are not known. But continuous hair fall leaves the scalp empty, making it difficult for new hair to grow.

However, according to health experts, some of our mistakes can also be the reason for hair fall in summer. In this article, we will tell you about those mistakes which can cause excessive hair fall. Let us know about them...

Exposure to sunlight:

Some people have to go out in the scorching heat for work. In such a situation their hair comes in direct contact with sunlight. Due to this, the UV rays of the sun absorb the moisture from the hair and make the hair lifeless. If you are going out somewhere, protect your hair with a scarf.


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Sweating is the maximum in this season. Due to this, bacteria easily grow in our hair. Due to this, dandruff often occurs in the hair. Due to this, hair starts falling at a slow pace.

Tight hairstyle:

Tying hair tightly in summer also leads to hair fall. Actually, in summer, when we tie our hair tightly, sweat gets trapped in our hair. Due to this, bacteria start growing on the scalp and the hair follicles become weak.


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Washing hair frequently:

In summer, our hair becomes sticky due to dust and sweat. Therefore, it is very important to wash hair from time to time. But keep in mind that if you are washing your hair with shampoo daily, it can also cause hair fall.