Hair Color Mistakes: Do you make these mistakes before coloring your hair? Be careful, otherwise, the hair will become lifeless!


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Whether to cover gray hair or to look stylish. Nowadays people color their hair extensively. But in this case, we need to be a little careful. Otherwise, there can be a lot of damage to your hair. Today we are going to tell you what things should be kept in mind before coloring hair.

Do patch test: It is necessary to do five patch tests before coloring the hair. This involves applying a small amount of dye to a small area of ​​your skin and then observing for any allergies. Do a patch test at least 48 hours before coloring your hair.


PC: lokmat.news18

Ignoring instructions: Detailed instructions are given on the hair dye packet, these instructions must be followed. Ignoring it can have fatal consequences. The method of applying color should be done according to the instructions. This will prevent damage to the hair.

Overlapping Colour: Applying color to already colored hair leads to overlapping, resulting in uneven hair color and damage to the hair.



Use of cheap products: Always use good and high-quality products for hair coloring. Avoid choosing cheap and low-quality colors. Because it contains chemicals, which harm your hair.

Over Colouring: Changing the color of your hair frequently and intensely can cause more damage. The hair shaft may be weak. Give your hair time to recover between coloring sessions. You can consider a conditioning treatment to nourish and repair your hair.