Hair Care: Use black tea to wash hair, you will get great benefits, know here...


Black Tea Benefits in Hair Care: Most people start the morning with black tea. Of course, the consumption of black tea is very beneficial for health. But do you know the benefits of black tea in hair care? Yes, by using black tea in certain ways while washing hair, you can not only remove many hair problems but also keep your hair healthy and beautiful.


Black tea is considered the best source of anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial elements. Due to this, the use of black tea in hair care can prove to be the health secret of your hair. So let's know the ways to use black tea while washing hair, with the help of which you can say goodbye to all hair problems forever.

Benefits of washing hair with black tea
The anti-oxidant substance called tannins present in black tea helps keep the scalp healthy by removing hair toxins. By using black tea, you can make hair oil-free, shiny and dandruff free. With the help of black tea, you can also get rid of the problem of hair fall and white hair. Apart from this, you can also use black tea to color the hair naturally.

Make black tea
To make black tea, boil 1 cup of water. Now put a tea bag in it and boil it for half an hour and then keep the water to cool down. Then filter this water and fill it in a spray bottle or normal bottle.

Shampoo your hair
Wash hair with shampoo before washing hair with black tea. After this, wrap a towel in the hair and dry the hair slightly. Keep in mind that for washing hair with black tea, the hair should remain slightly wet.

Apply black tea
To apply black tea on hair, spray black tea on lightly wet hair. But keep in mind that do not apply black tea directly on the scalp. Otherwise, you may get to see loss due to this.


Do hair massage
After spraying blat tea on the hair, massage the hair with light hands. In this case, black tea will be well absorbed in the hair. After this, wear a hair cap in your hair.