Hair Care Tips: Use alum in this way, many types of hair related problems will go away.


Alum is also useful for us in many ways. If you want long and thick hair then you should start using alum on your hair today itself. Alum, which is very cheap and easily available at the grocery store, is useful for your hair in many ways. Today we are going to give you information about the benefits of using it for hair.

Potassium and sodium are found in alum. For this reason, its use results in hair growth. If your hair is falling too much then grind it and make its powder. Now put this powder in a vessel, add coconut oil to it and apply it on the hair. This will remove the problem of hair fall.


To overcome the problem of white hair, mix alum powder with nigella oil and massage it on the scalp. This will get you rid of this problem.

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