Hair Care Tips: Untimely hair is turning white, so use Amla in this way


Due to their changing lifestyle, people have to face many types of problems. Due to rapidly changing lifestyle, hair health also gets affected. This is the reason why the hair starts turning white prematurely. Amla is very useful to overcome the problem of premature graying of hair.

Many nutrients are found in it. By using this, the problem of white hair can be removed. Amla is very effective in blackening hair. To overcome this problem, soak two to three dried gooseberries in a cup of water overnight in an iron pan.


Now prepare a paste by dissolving henna in this water in the morning. Now apply this paste on hair for three-four hours. After this wash the hair with water. By doing this, along with increasing the shine of your hair, the problem of white hair will go away.

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