Hair Care Tips: Pack made of curd is very beneficial for hair.


Fenugreek seeds and curd are very beneficial for our health. By consuming these we can get rid of many health related problems. You will be surprised to know that both these things are very useful for hair also.

You can make hair long, black and thick by using fenugreek seeds and curd. You will have to make a paste of these two things and use them. For this, soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Now prepare its paste in the morning. After this, mix two spoons of fenugreek seeds paste in two spoons of curd.


In this way your hair pack is made. Now apply it thoroughly on the head. After keeping it for at least 40-45 minutes, apply it on your hair. You will get benefit by using it. By using this you can make your balls long, dark and dense.