Hair Care Tips- If you are troubled by white hair, use this thing to get rid of it, know what it is.


Having beautiful hair often conjures up a picture of long ,However , it is becoming more common for hair color to change unexpectedly from black to white as we age. Gray hair is no longer just associated with aging ; The problem of premature graying of hair is being seen in children aged 13-15This change in hair color is not just a cosmetic concern ; This may indicate underlying health problems. While the absence of melanin is a primary cause of gray hair , there are other contributing factors.

Causes and treatment of gray hair:

Nutrient deficiencies: The body needs essential nutrients , and deficiencies in vitamins B12 , C and E can affect hair color. A balanced diet becomes important to keep hair color vibrant.

Wrong hair products: Impulsive buying influenced by advertisements can lead to use of harmful hair products. Products containing chemicals not only fade the hair color but also damage the hair. It is advisable to choose products made from natural ingredients.

Hair treatments: Procedures such as coloring , keratin treatments, and smoothening can contribute to the transition from black to white hair. To maintain the natural color of hair, it is necessary to avoid such treatments.

Benefits of hibiscus flower for hair:

Hair Growth: It is important to deal with hair fall to prevent gray hair. Using hibiscus flowers with onion juice helps in dealing with the problem of hair fall.

Thickening of hair: For people with thin hair, paste of hibiscus flowers with aloe vera gel proves beneficial in thickening hair.

Dandruff Control: Winter often brings the problem of hair fall and dandruff. Applying a mixture of curd and hibiscus flowers solves the problem of dandruff.

Retains moisture: Use of hibiscus flower is effective in adding moisture to dry hair , preventing frizziness.

Strength of hair: It is very important to strengthen the hair to prevent it from breaking. Using hibiscus flower in your hair care routine contributes to strong and healthy hair.