Hair Care Tips- If you apply henna to blacken your hair, then definitely keep these things in mind.


Conduct a patch test:

Before applying henna , it is important to do a patch test. Emphasizes the importance of this step to avoid possible skin reactions and adverse effects such as hair loss or allergies. Taking expert advice before using any henna product can prevent hair-related problems and ensure maintenance of healthy hair.

Avoid applying on dry hair:

Applying henna directly to dry hair can increase dryness and affect the overall appearance of the color. To deal with this, it is advised to use hair conditioner before applying henna. This not only prevents excessive dryness but also ensures a more vibrant and even complexion.

Stick to the same henna brand:

Mixing different brands of henna is a common mistake which can have adverse effects. It is essential to use only one brand of henna to avoid uncertainties regarding its compatibility with your hair type.