HAIR CARE TIPS: For proper hair care, know the old myths related to hair care and the truth behind it.

HAIR CARE TIPS:- To get rid of the problem of split hair, apply this homemade hair mask to your hair.

Haircare facts and myths: Hair works to enhance beauty, which is as important as the care of the face. So today we will know about some myths related to their care and the truth behind them.

In the desire for thick, strong hair, we start following anyone's advice which is not right. There are many such remedies for hair that have been going on for years but not sure about how effective they are? So today we are going to know about some such myths and the truth behind them.

1. Brush up more

Brushing the hair lightly helps distribute the scalp's natural oils to the hair, but excessive brushing damages the hair, causing it to weaken and break. Always use a brush with ball-tip bristles to detangle your hair.

2. Wash Oily Hair Every Day

You must have heard that hair must be washed two to three times a week, but washing the hair less helps in preserving the natural oil in the scalp. So washing once a week is enough.

3. Makes hair grow faster by cutting

Haircutting is not directly related to the skin or the follicle located within the dermis. Trimming the strands will make the tips of the unhealthy hair disappear, it prevents the hair from growing faster. Trimming the hair locks regularly is considered good for them, as it helps to get rid of the supplements.

4. Breaking off a white hair takes more than just

Breaking off white hair can damage the hair follicle, which prevents hair from growing. A hair strand grows from a single follicle, so it's not possible to pop multiple hairs instead of one. Gray hair occurs when the pigment in the follicle dies. Do not break the hair to keep it healthy.