Hair Care: This hair mask will make hair strong and shiny, making it easy at home in this way!


PC: Amar Ujala

Who doesn't want their hair to be long, thick, and shiny? Especially for women, long and shiny hair adds beauty to their beauty. However, in today's time, due to increasing pollution and irregular eating habits, hair has become weak, due to which many problems related to hair start.

To address these concerns, people often spend thousands of rupees on salon treatments, but sometimes, these treatments do not give the desired results. In such situations, people turn to home remedies. Today we will introduce you to a hair mask that can help you in solving many hair problems. This hair mask is very easy to make so that you can strengthen your hair at home.


PC: Ingredients for Amar Ujala Hair Mask:

One bowl of yogurt

Two tablespoons of coffee powder

Three to four tablespoons of fresh aloe vera gel

One ripe banana

Method to prepare hair mask:

First of all, take a bowl and add curd to it.

After this, add two tablespoons of coffee powder to the curd.

Now add fresh aloe vera gel to the mixture.

Add mashed pulp of ripe banana to it.

After this, mix these ingredients well. You can use a blender to ensure a well-mixed mixture that can be applied evenly. Next, apply this mask from the root to the tip of your hair before shampooing. Leave it for half an hour and then wash your hair with shampoo.


PC: Amar Ujala

Benefits of hair mask:

It is noteworthy that curd contains lactic acid and protein, which is beneficial for hair and makes it strong.

Apart from this, coffee softens the hair, and aloe vera helps in adding shine and strength to the hair.

Bananas are rich in nutrients that fight dryness in hair. With regular use of this hair mask, you will start seeing improvement in your hair.