Hair Care: These green leaves will make hair thick and long! Know here!


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Due to wrong eating habits, not only diabetes and heart diseases are increasing, but their effect is also visible in our hair. Everyone desires long, thick and black hair. However, nowadays the problem of hair fall has become common, due to which people have to undergo various types of treatments. Meanwhile, some people are very worried about the growth of their hair. People use different types of products to make their hair long and thick.

However, these products are quite expensive, which is affecting the budget of common people. But you can also adopt some home remedies to increase the length of your hair. Curry leaves can also be beneficial in promoting hair growth. It contains Vitamin B, and C, protein and antioxidants. Let us learn how to use it.

Coconut Oil and Curry Leaves

If you want to increase hair growth then apply curry leaves mixed with coconut oil. For this, take coconut oil in a pan, add 8 to 9 curry leaves in it and boil it. When it cools down, apply it on your scalp and hair and massage it well. After about an hour, wash it with a mild shampoo.


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Curry leaves and fenugreek

To make hair thick, you can also use fenugreek seeds along with curry leaves. For this, first, make a paste of curry leaves. Add two tablespoons of fenugreek powder to it. Apply this mixture to your scalp for 30 minutes. Then wash it with water. You can use it 2 to 3 times a week.


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Curry leaves and amla

To grow your hair, you can make a hair mask by mixing curry leaves and amla. For this, grind one Indian gooseberry in a mixer. Then add one tablespoon of curry leaves paste to it. Now apply this paste to your hair for about 1 hour. With this hair mask, your hair will not only grow but will also become shiny.