Hair Care: Should hair be tied or open? Learn how to reduce hair fall!


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We should take care of our hair as much as we take care of our skin. Just washing your hair with shampoo doesn't mean it's done. If you want to make your hair healthy, then it is most important to protect it from sweating and apply oil in the right way. So the problem of hair fall can be reduced. Hair can be made strong and beautiful with regular care. Many women have a question in their mind whether tying their hair breaks more or leaving them open. Let's know the answer.

Should you keep your hair tied or loose?

Many women prefer to keep their hair open while some prefer to keep them tied. Experts say that keeping the hair open can increase the problem of breakage. That's why it is advised to keep your hair tied. It is advised to tie or braid your hair while sleeping at night. However, it is up to every woman to keep her hair open or tie it. Many times women complain that if they sleep with their hair open then there is more hair on the pillow in the morning, but if they sleep with their hair tied then they break less.

What are the benefits of hair ties?

Less hair breakage

Keeping the hair tied reduces the chances of breakage. If the hair is left open, it increases its dryness. If the hair is left open while sleeping at night, then all its moisture gets absorbed into the pillow. This makes the hair dry and lifeless. That's why when you wake up in the morning, you see hair everywhere. So sleep with your hair tied at your convenience.

Get rid of frizzy hair

Leaving the hair open makes the hair messy. Due to this, the moisture in the hair ends and the hair becomes dry. Wrap your hair in a satin scarf at night to prevent dry, frizzy hair. It protects the hair and prevents hair fall in the morning.

Hair shine increases

It is said that hair should not be combed while sleeping at night, but this is not true. On the other hand, if you brush your hair well before sleeping, then it will not get tangled. And so they break less. If the hair is combed, then the oil in the hair reaches from top to bottom. It also nourishes the hair. Due to this, the hair does not break much after combing.

Hair stays silky

Gently massage your hair two to three times a week at bedtime. This makes the hair shiny. By doing this, blood circulation in the scalp increases, due to which the hair gets the necessary nutrients. Gently detangle hair with your fingers. Finger massage reduces stress and improves hair health. This helps the hair to remain soft, shiny, and silky. That's why hair should be tied. But don't tie it too tight, keep it loose.