Hair Care: Know Foods To Prevent Hair Fall!


Foods To Prevent Hair Fall: Our hair has to bear the brunt of weather throughout the year, due to which we have to face the problem of hair fall. If it is not stopped in time then a person can become a victim of baldness at an early age. Apart from this, people of the young age group also remain troubled due to the thinning of hair and dandruff on the scalp. Nutritionist Nikhil Vats said that if you want to get rid of all hair problems including hair fall, then start eating 5 superfoods from today itself.



Spinach is considered an excellent food item among green leafy vegetables. It is rich in Vitamin B, folate, and iron, which helps in hair growth and also eliminates the problem of hair fall.


If you are a non-vegetarian and are troubled by the problem of hair fall, then start eating fatty fish from today itself, because it contains Vitamin A and Omega-2 fatty acids which help in the production of hair and increase the density of hair.


Jamun is a very tasty fruit that is considered a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin C. Eating this fruit helps in the production of collagen due to which the hair roots become much stronger


Fenugreek seeds are considered very beneficial for hair, it contains Vitamin E which is considered a panacea for hair fall. Before sleeping at night, leave one spoonful of fenugreek seeds soaked in a glass of water filter this water, and drink it in the morning.

Nettle Root Tea

A major cause of hair fall in women and men is the increase in DHT hormone in the body. To overcome this problem, you should drink a plant-based tea called Nettle Root Tea. This is an excellent green tea that can reduce hair fall.



Eggs contain abundant amounts of protein and biotin, which are essential elements for hair health. They produce carotene which gives tremendous strength to the hair and gradually the problem of hair fall comes to an end.  

Disclaimer: Dear reader, thank you for reading our news. This news has been written only to make you aware. We have taken the help of home remedies and general information in writing this. If you read anything related to your health anywhere, definitely consult a doctor before adopting it.