Hair Care: Castor oil and coconut oil will help in growing hair quickly, apply in these ways...


How to Boost Hair Growth: Everyone likes long and thick hair because hair enhances the beauty of your face. However, in today's era, due to unhealthy diets and wrong lifestyles, the problem of hair has increased rapidly. This includes hair fall, weakness, baldness at a young age, etc. If we talk about women, then they are very concerned about their hair. Many times this concern increases so much that women start taking expensive products and various treatments to keep their hair attractive.


If you also want long and strong hair, then today we are going to tell you some such ways by which you can increase the growth of your cheeks while sitting at home. For this, you have to take coconut oil and castor oil is castor oil. With their help, you can give a new life to your hair. Many types of healthy fats, antioxidants, and antibacterial properties are found in castor and coconut oil. Let us tell you how you have to use them….

Apply lukewarm oil to hair: First of all, prepare a mixture of castor and coconut oil. The quantity of both should be equal. Now put this mixture in a pan and heat it lightly. Now do a light massage on your scalp with it. This will increase blood circulation in the scalp and dandruff will also go away. If you use it for a few days, you will soon see a big difference in your hair.

Use as a conditioner: You can also use coconut oil and castor oil as a conditioner. This will give you relief from dry and frizzy hair. Using this mixture after shampoo will give more benefits. Apply the mixture and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash the hair thoroughly. You can also use rosemary oil in this mixture.


Use of coconut and castor with aloe vera: Aloe vera is very beneficial for hair. It is rich in antioxidants so it gets rid of dandruff from the hair. Aloe vera is also effective in stimulating the scalp. Mix 1-2 spoons of aloe vera gel in coconut and castor oil and apply it to the hair. This mixture has to be kept for about 3-4 hours. You will see a huge difference in 2-3 weeks.