H3N2 Virus: How dangerous is H3N2 virus and how to take precautions, former AIIMS chief Randeep Guleria told


Health Desk. Increasing cases of Influenza H3N2 (H3N2 virus) across the country have raised concerns. Meanwhile, Dr Randeep Guleria has given some measures to control it. He said that efforts should be made to prevent the spread of Influenza at the same level as was done during COVID-19. The time has come for people to take wearing Covid masks and hand hygiene habits seriously and adopt them.


Keep high-risk group in isolation
Dr Guleria said that people belonging to the high-risk group should also remain in isolation. This will prevent the spread of H3N2 virus infection to others. Explain that even during the Corona epidemic, the infected people were kept isolated from other people. People were using hand sanitiser and masks. But after the end of Corona, people distanced themselves from masks and hand hygiene. Dr Guleria says that people should now make it a habit. Don't leave the house wearing a badger mask. Don't forget to hand sanitiser.

Follow rules like covid protocol
Dr Guleria said that two types of measures can be taken to prevent H3N2. People should follow the rules like the first Covid protocol. Get a second vaccine and try to protect vulnerable or high-risk groups from infection. High-risk groups include the elderly, the elderly, and those with comorbidities. They should not go out of the house and must take the vaccine. He told that every year a new vaccine comes for influenza. Which gives protection against both influenza A and B.


The influenza vaccine comes out every year
He also said that the positive news is that since the exposure to influenza is passed down through generations, there is some degree of cross-immunity. We are seeing more cases of influenza, but we are not seeing serious infections like the first or second wave of Covid. Another reason for the high number of viral infections is the lack of exposure to other viruses in recent years. In the last two or three years, SarsCov2 was the dominant virus. We were seeing more Covid infections but very less Influenza infections. Immunity has become a bit weak due to repeated exposure to the virus. But every year a new vaccine comes on the market. People must get it installed.