Guru Gochar 2023: The transit of Devguru Jupiter in Aries will open the fate of the people of four zodiac signs


According to astrology, after a limited period of time, all the planets leave from one zodiac and enter another zodiac, and all the zodiac signs are affected positively and negatively. According to the Panchang, the planet Jupiter will transit in Aries on March 03 at 03:33 am. At present, Jupiter is sitting on the planet Pisces. Let us know about the zodiac signs whose fortunes will open due to this Jupiter transit.

Due to the transit of Jupiter in Aries, they will get progress in the economic field and will see positive results in the field of work. This zodiac sign will also get benefit in the field of love. The chances of marriage are also being made.

Due to the auspicious effect of the transit of Devguru Jupiter in the Leo zodiac sign, you will get full support of luck and progress will also be achieved in the economic sector. Auspicious results of religious works will be visible. The journey undertaken by the native will lead to success.

Jupiter's transit will prove to be very beneficial for Cancerians. There will be economic benefits in this period and success will be achieved by starting a new work. During this time creative changes will also come, which will be very beneficial.


The auspicious effect of Jupiter's transit will be seen in Libra. There can be both success and growth in business. Along with this, the path of progress will open in the economic sector. In this period, the people of the Libra zodiac will spend a pleasant time with their spouse.