Gud ke Upay: Your luck can improve with these remedies of jaggery and gram, sorrows will also go away!


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Consumption of jaggery and gram is considered very beneficial for health and it also brings happiness and prosperity. According to Hindu beliefs, by doing astrological remedies related to jaggery and gram, the defects related to all the planets can be removed and the person's luck starts shining like gold. Let us learn some simple remedies related to jaggery and gram, doing which a person can get relief from many problems related to life and his luck can shine.

Astrological Remedies of Jaggery:

According to astrology, if Mars is weak in your horoscope and Mars is causing defects or problems, then to get rid of these problems, you should offer jaggery in a Hanuman temple. If unable to do so, then one should donate jaggery to a celibate person.

If any work is stuck for a long time despite all the efforts, then on Tuesday, tie a piece of jaggery with a coin in a red cloth and float it in the water of a river, canal, or sea.


According to astrology, jaggery enhances the effect of the pot of jaggery (Gudlak). That is why it is especially used in worship. If you are leaving home for some special work related to livelihood, then while leaving, you should feed jaggery mixed with flour to the cow. According to astrology, by doing this remedy a person gets the desired success. If an unmarried boy or girl does this remedy, they get married soon.

Astrological remedies for gram:

If you are surrounded by all kinds of problems and your efforts are failing, then to avoid all the problems, you should offer gram and jaggery in the special worship of Hanuman ji. If this is not possible then feed gram and jaggery to the monkeys on Tuesday. If you want, you can also do this by feeding fodder to a red cow.


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If there is a lack of happiness and prosperity in your life and despite your best efforts, your pot of jaggery is not being made, then offer gram and jaggery in the temple of Lord Vishnu on Thursday.

Chana not only brings blessings of Lord Shri Vishnu and Hanuman ji but also helps in removing the defects related to Saturn. According to astrology, if you tie a black gram in a black cloth and throw it in a pond or river for the fish to eat on Saturday, Shani's blessings remain upon you.