Green Detox Smoothie: Want to detox the body? Drink a green smoothie every morning!


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Drinking smoothies has become a part of many people's lifestyles. It is very good to drink smoothies in the morning. Smoothies not only taste delicious but are also healthy. This is also beneficial in many ways. Toxic substances often accumulate in the urine. Detox drinks are consumed to remove or get rid of these toxins. This detox smoothie is made from green vegetables. Know how to make this smoothie and its benefits...

No supplements or powders are used to make the detox smoothie, rather it is packed with green vegetables that provide Ingredients required

Spinach - 1 cup

Banana - half

Curd - half cup

Almond milk - half cup

Honey - 1 teaspoon


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Smoothie Recipe

Mix everything together in the mixer. When everything is ground and has a thick consistency, strain it into a glass. You can add more or less honey as per taste.

Benefits of drinking green smoothie

> Drinking this detox drink provides vitamins and minerals to the body, makes the skin healthy, improves eyesight, and strengthens the body's immunity.

>Drinking green smoothies also improves digestion. This smoothie keeps the intestine healthy and helps in better absorption of nutrients in the body.

> Drinking this smoothie every morning provides natural energy to the body. If your health is good, you will find joy in everything you do.