Google vs OpenAI: ChatGPT company is making search engine, there will be tough competition from Google..


You also know that Google's coin is dominant in the search engine market. No search engine is used more than Google, but now it is going to compete with the company that makes the most popular AI ChatTool.


Yes, we are talking about OpenAI. Some reports claim that OpenAI is working on a search engine that will compete with Google and Microsoft Bing.

A report by The Information says that OpenAI is working on a search tool that will also support Microsoft Bing search, although OpenAI has not yet given any official statement on this. Let us tell you that Microsoft is the largest investor in OpenAI.


It is being said that the new tool will also be available with ChatGPT, although this tool will be available only with the premium version. OpenAI will take the help of Microsoft Binge for its search engine.

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