Google Update: Your Google-Microsoft account will remain safe even if the password is hacked..

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In the digital age, every second of work is connected to the internet. With the work done online, there is a constant threat to the user's privacy and security.

A small negligence can become the reason for the hacking of a Google or Microsoft account. On the other hand, hackers are always there. Hackers can easily hack the password of an internet user and steal information.


In such a situation, every other user needs a lock that cannot be opened easily with any key. Security keys can be used for Google and Microsoft accounts.

What is a security key?
A security key is a special type of device that looks like a pen drive. It is a physical USB drive. It is used by plugging in the device just like a pen drive.

Even a million attempts by the hacker will be in vain.

Even if the hacker has the password of the account, your account will not be hacked. The security key does not depend on the device.

The security key is connected to USB, Bluetooth, or NFC. In such a situation, the chances of the account being hacked are very low. As soon as the user visits a website, the website verifies the identity of the user with the help of security.

How to add a security key to a Google account
First of all, you have to come to the security option in your Google account.

Now sign in to your Google account and verify.

Now you have to come to Add More Second Steps To Verify.

Here you have to come to the option of Security Key.

Here you get the option to add a Security Key.

Bluetooth has to be kept on in the phone.

A confirmation code is received for the security key.

Now you have to follow the instructions appearing on the screen.

Now you have to come to the option of Get Started.

Now you will see the How To Use Security option.


If you are using a security key in the phone, then you have to select Bluetooth.

For a computer or laptop, you have to come to the option of USB.

Follow the instructions given on the screen and do the pairing.

Now your security key will be connected.

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