Google Update: This service of Google is closing next month, you will also have to remove it from your phone...


Google has stopped many of its services in the last year. Now the name of Google One VPN has also been added to this list. The company is going to discontinue Google One VPN. Google One VPN will be discontinued next month. Google has also given this information on its support page.


Google has said on its support page that Google One VPN will be discontinued on June 20, 2024. Even before this, there was news of the closure of Google One VPN but no date was given. Earlier reports had said that Google One VPN would be discontinued in the next few months.

Notification of closure of Google One VPN is now visible on the Google One VPN app as well. Google has explained how to uninstall Google One VPN on its support page. Google has explained how to uninstall Google One VPN from different operating systems.


Now through Google Fi, users will get VPN service from Google. Pixel phones will get an update from June 3 which will provide VPN service in the phone. Apart from this, a security patch is also going to come with which “VPN by Google” will also come.

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