Google Update: Now you can edit sent messages too, Google is bringing a new update..


Google is continuously working to improve Google Messages. Recently, the feature of multimedia messaging has come in Google Message and now the company is going to provide the facility of editing in it. After the new update, after sending the message in the Google Message app, it can be edited.


This feature of Google Message is currently being beta tested and its final update may be released in the next few weeks. A user on X has given information about this feature of Google Message. If you are a beta user then you can check this feature.

There will be a limit of 15 minutes

According to the report, the facility to edit messages is available in Google Message but it will be for 15 minutes, that is, the message can be edited only within 15 minutes. Let us tell you that this limit in WhatsApp is 30 minutes. In WhatsApp, a message can be edited for up to 30 minutes. Information about how this feature will work will be available only after the final update.


You will get name information even if you receive a message from an unknown number.

Google Message is testing another new feature, after which even if a message comes from an unknown number, the real name of the person sending the message will be known. This new feature of Google Messages is being tested on the beta version. It is said in the report that if the person sending the message has turned on profile discovery, then his identity will be revealed when the message comes from that number.

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