Google Update: With the new update, users will get protection from hacking, Google accounts will become more secure...


Users are often troubled due to online scams and ever-increasing cyber-attacks. Users are worried that their valuable data might get stolen. However, Google keeps providing updates to its users to keep their data safe. In this, Two Factor Authentication i.e. TwoFA plays an important role. In such a situation, Google has now decided to make TwoFA more secure.


The security of users will improve with the new update

Google has announced that now with the new technology the Google account of the users will become much more secure. As of now, users can log in only through TwoFA SMS or OTP. But under the new update of Google, now you will be able to use third-party apps for TwoFA. According to reports, users can use a special app instead of SMS. In this, users will get 6 digits one-time passkey. If you are not able to use it within a few minutes, you will get a new passcode again within a few minutes. In this way, users will get more digital security than before. With the new update of Google, users will be able to easily complete the process of two-factor verification.

Process to activate Google Two-Factor Verification

Go to your Google Account on your device.

After this navigate to the Security panel.

Then click on the option of How to sign in Google and select 2 Step Verification.

After this click on Start.

Then follow the steps on the screen.


It is being claimed in the reports that Google has started rolling out the new process of two-factor verification. In such a situation, Google's new update will reach all Google accounts in the next few days. It is being said in the reports that after this update it will become very difficult to hack the phone.

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