Google Search Trick: This trick of Google is very funny, the search page will start rotating as soon as you type Barrel Roll...


Google, the most used search engine in the world, has many such features about which most of the users are aware. But Google also has some interesting tricks. About which you may hardly know. Here we are going to tell you some tricks related to Google search which will make your Google search experience a lot of fun. There is a trick that will make your page rotate.


Barrel Roll
If you use Google and have not used this trick then your using Google is of no use. Barrel Roll is one of the funniest tricks of Google search. If you go to the Google search bar and type Do A Barrel Roll, your Google page will start rotating automatically.

Google Gravity
You should definitely try this trick once. To use this trick, you just have to go to the Google search bar type Google Gravity, and then click on the first link, what will happen after this will be really fun. Here the entire Google page comes down and falls apart.

Flip a Coin
While playing cricket in the village, you must have tossed a coin many times. But what if this work is done without coins? Yes, this can happen and Google will help you with this. If you search Flip a Coin on Google, a digital coin will appear in front of you. Which you can flip.


This trick of Google is also very funny. You have to type Askew in the Google search bar and what happens after that will be very interesting. After typing this, your Google page will appear tilted instead of straight.

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