Google Play Store Tips: Apps are not being downloaded from Google Play Store? What are the reasons behind this?


Many times it happens when we want to download a new app on the phone, but it does not happen. App downloading on Google Play Store gets stuck in one place and even after waiting for a long time, the app is not downloaded.


Actually, according to Google, there are many reasons for not being able to download apps, books, and games on the Play Store. If some troubleshooting steps are followed, then this problem can be overcome.

This happens due to storage.
If the storage in your phone is getting full, then there may be a problem in downloading new apps. Google says that due to low storage, apps cannot be downloaded on the phone.

If this happens, then a notification of storage being full is also received. If you free up some of the phone's storage, then you will be able to download new apps easily.
Updating the phone is also necessary.

If the phone's storage is not full, but still the apps are not downloading, then it may be a problem related to system updates. The company says that one of the major reasons for not downloading apps is also not updating the phone.

You can check the system update by going to the phone settings. Also, if your phone is running on Android 2.2 or earlier version, then the Play Store will not work properly.

Internet connection can be the reason.
A strong internet connection is required to download apps. If the app is not downloading on mobile data, then this task can be completed with a WiFi connection.


You can restart the phone.
If you are unable to download the app even after adopting all the methods, then you can go to the option to restart the phone. According to Google, this problem can be solved by restarting the phone.

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