Google Photos: Want to download photos of your special memories from Google Photos; Just follow these steps..

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Google brings many facilities to its customers. It has millions of users across the world including India, who use its features as per their needs. Google Photo is also a similar facility, which keeps your photos safe.


Google Photos gives us the option to store and manage our special memories. It is a cloud-based photo storage and sharing feature offered by Google, which helps users organize, access, and share their photos and videos across different devices.

If you want to download all your photos from Google Photos, then we have brought the complete process here to help you.
How to download photos from Google Photos

     First of all, open your Google account and go to the 'Data and Privacy' section.
     Now scroll down and find the 'Remove Download Your Data' option and click on it.
     Now find the Download Your Data option on this page and click on it.
     Then select the data to include in the CREATE A NEW EXPORT section.
     Here scroll down to select the photos of your choice check the box next to Google Photos to export your photos and proceed by clicking on the next step.

     After this, you have to choose the file type, frequency, and destination.
     You choose your preferred destination from the dropdown menu, which includes options like sending the download link via email, adding to Google Drive, adding to Dropbox, and adding to OneDrive.

     After this, in the frequency option, if you want to download your photos only once, then choose the option of Export once. If you want Google to automatically send your photos every two months, select Export every 2 months for 1 year.
     Next, choose between .zip or .tgz file format for file size and type.
     Now start the download process by clicking on Create Export. Your work will be done easily.

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