Google Pay Tips: How to block someone on Google Pay, the process is very easy.


In the digital age, everyone likes the method of making payments through smartphones because it is a matter of seconds. UPI apps become the means of digital payment for products and services.


Block option is available on Google Pay

You must also be using UPI apps on your phone. With these UPI apps, payment can be made to any unknown user.

If you use Google Pay, then you should also know about the setting to block the user. On the G Pay app, the user can easily block any other user.

What will happen if you block another user on Google Pay?

Google Pay has the facility to block other users along with privacy settings. If you block a user on Google Pay, then this other Google Pay user will not be able to contact you in any way through Google Pay in the future.

Not only this, Google says that by blocking Google Pay, another user cannot contact you through any Google service.

How to block unknown people on Google Pay

First of all, you have to open the Google Pay app.

Now you have to come to the chat page of the user whom you want to block.

Now you have to come to the Settings option on the top right corner.

Now you have to tap on the Block This Person option.

Now a pop-up of Block will appear on the screen, you have to click on it.


When to block a contact on a UPI app

Here it is necessary to understand that not every contact should be blocked on a UPI app like Google Pay. Especially it would not be right to block those users with whom transactions are often done.

The block setting can be useful for those users who do not want to contact these people again after making a payment to an unknown user.

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