Google Messages: Name information will be available even if the message comes from an unknown number, a new feature coming..


Google is getting very serious about Google Messages. Many such features have been introduced in it, after which it is going to compete with WhatsApp. Now Google Message is working on a new feature, after which even if the message comes from an unknown number, the real name of the person sending the message will be known.


This new feature of Google Messages is being tested on the beta version. It is said in the report that if the person sending the message has turned on profile discovery, then his identity will be revealed when the message comes from that number.

To turn on profile discovery, you have to go to the app's settings click on Advanced, and then turn on profile discovery, although at present this feature is visible only in the beta version of the Google Message app.


Let us tell you that another feature is being tested in the Google Message app, after its launch, users will already get information about messages suspected to be cyber attacks.

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