Google Maps Scam: A new scam is going on on Google Maps, follow these tips or else you can become bankrupt..


Scammers keep coming up with new ways to cheat people every day. The most common of these is to scam people by sending messages via WhatsApp. Some time ago, a scam of earning money by liking on YouTube came to light, in which many people lost lakhs of rupees. Something similar is now happening in Google Maps.


Recently an incident has come to light in which Greater Noida resident Sandeep Kumar (Chi-1) has fallen prey to a work-from-home scam in which he was given the task of rating hotels on Google Maps. According to a report by news agency PTI, Kumar lost Rs 20.54 lakh in January 2024.

What is the new scam?
The report revealed that Kumar received a WhatsApp message offering a work-from-home option. For this, hotels had to be rated on Google Maps.

Attracted by this offer, Kumar joined a Telegram group with 100 members, where he started completing rating tasks. However, soon he was asked to invest money in this work.


Kumar initially invested Rs 50,000 but was unable to withdraw the money. When he tried to withdraw his money, he was instructed to pay an extra Rs 5 lakh as tax. Trapped in this, he invested a total of Rs 20,54,464. Kumar realized that he had been duped when he was asked to pay more money again to 'defroze' his accounts. He then filed an FIR at the Cyber ​​Crime Police Station in Noida Sector 36. The FIR includes charges of cheating, criminal intimidation, and violation of the IT Act.

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