Google Circle to Search: This problem can be solved soon in the Google Circle to Search feature, knowing the details.


Many types of new features are continuously coming in smartphones. One of these features has recently appeared, whose name is Google Circle to Search. Yes, this feature started with flagship smartphones. But now it has started coming in many other phones also. But many problems have started emerging in this feature. While giving feedback in Google Podcast, many users said that this feature gets triggered automatically many times, but the users do not even use it. It is being said in the reports that Google will soon improve this great feature.


Know what is Google Circle to Search feature

For your information, let us tell you that Google brought this feature last year. This feature highlights and circles an object on the device's display. After this, this feature searches the circled product. With the help of this feature, both the time and effort of the users are saved. Suppose you saw something on a social media platform and then instead of going to any app or website, you can take advantage of Google Circle To Search. Along with this, the meaning of any word can also be known with its help.

Google gave big information

Google said in the podcast on the feedback of users that we are getting more information about the problem of this feature. According to Google, this feature is quite sensitive in terms of touch. It is triggered by a simple long press of the home button. However, users do not need this. Because of this, this feature is causing many big problems.

In such a situation, Google has said that we are working on this feature, and are also seeing that it is triggered only when the users want it, and not when the users do not need it. However, there is no official information as to when Google will roll out its update.


The integration will happen soon

It is also being said in the reports that Google Lens will also be integrated into Google Circle 2 Search soon. Google has said that both these features will be brought together in the coming time. With this, when users search, lens and circle features together will give results. By coming up with these, users will get better visual results.

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