Google Chrome Update: Google Chrome gets a new look, know complete information about new features..


Google Chrome browser is provided in every smartphone to search for anything. Users get many types of facilities in the Chrome browser. Users can easily do many things through it. In such a situation, now Google has presented it in a new style. In this, a new dimension has been given to bookmarks, reading lists, and history. It has a wonderful side panel on the top right side of the browser.


Can navigate easily in Google Chrome

Users can now navigate in a new way on Google Chrome. Users will get most of the features in the Chrome menu itself. A square icon will be found in place of the side panel button. Earlier, access to the bookmarks section and other pages was available through the dropdown menu by going to the side panel button. But with this new update, you will now automatically get access to history, reading lists, bookmarks, and searches. To quickly access any of these, you can use the Pin panel in the newly divided section. In this way, today's Chrome extension setup can be accessed much more easily.

New features in the new look of Google Chrome

If users want to access bookmarks and reading lists, they will have to go to the three-dot menu and navigate to bookmarks and reading lists. At the same time, history will be found a few steps higher. Reading mode can be launched by right-clicking on the page. In the year 2022, the side panel button was integrated with Google Lens. By doing this its capabilities have increased. At the same time, after the arrival of Chrome 123, the side panel button was removed.


Know this information also

On the other hand, it is also being claimed in the reports that a new toggle has been provided to turn on the flag in the Google Extension menu. Also, all running extensions can be turned off with a single click. There can be many reasons for disabling more than one extension. Whatever extensions you have running in the menu will provide more precise control. These toggles can replace the pin icon.

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