Google Chat Update: Google released a big update, with this you will be able to send messages on Teams and Slack.

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Google has released a major update for its Google Chat app. With Google Chat, the company has now supported cross-platform messaging. After the new update, Google Chat users will now be able to send messages on Microsoft Teams and Slack as well, which was not possible earlier.


Google announced this new feature at the Google Cloud Next 2023 event. Earlier this feature was available only for beta users but now it is being released for everyone. Google has said that all paid subscribers of Google Workplace will be able to message users of Microsoft Teams and Slack using this feature, although for this, Google Chat users will have to use the Mio app.

The new feature has been released with the Google Workspace update. Interoperability will enable organizations that use Google Chat and other messaging platforms within their domain to provide a more seamless experience for their users.


A big problem here is that even though Google is saying that through Google Chat, messages can be sent to Teams and Slack users, the reality is that for this, users will have to download and install the Mio app.

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