Google AI Tool: Now Google's AI tool will teach you to speak fluent English, and know how to use it...


Tech giant Google often keeps introducing new features for users. In such a situation, Google has recently launched an explosive feature. With the help of this feature of Google, people's weak English can be improved. Yes, if your English is weak then Google's new feature can prove to be very beneficial for you. Google has introduced an AI-powered speaking practice tool.


Learn English with speaking practice feature

If your English is weak then you no longer need to worry. With Google's AI-powered tool speaking practice feature, English can be easily learned at home. With the help of this Google tool, you can improve your English speaking style. Google has taken the help of Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI in this tool. This tool uses language models in real-time to teach users English. In such a situation, this new feature can prove to be very beneficial for the users. According to Google, with the Speaking Practice AI tool, users can ask their questions by typing or speaking.


These countries will get the benefit of the new feature

Google's new speaking practice feature is a part of Google's Search Lab program. In such a situation, its benefit will be available only to those users who are associated with the Google Search Labs program. Users can take advantage of this after signing up for the Google Search Labs program. Currently, it is available in 6 countries, which include India, Argentina, Venezuela, Indonesia, Mexico, and Colombia. This feature of Google can work as a boon for those with weak English. This feature will also tell the users the correct grammar with the help of AI. This feature tells people to have two-way communication, in such a situation this AI tool can work as an English teacher for the users.

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