Google Account: If photos are accidentally deleted then you can get them back in a jiffy..


Photos fill up so much in the phone that sometimes they get deleted by mistake. Imagine if you delete the most important photo. The good news is that if a photo gets deleted from your Google account, you can restore it. When you delete a photo from Google Photos, it automatically goes to the trash folder.


Deleted photos that have been backed up remain in the trash for 60 days, while photos without backup remain there for 30 days. You can restore photos and videos only if they are in your trash folder. Once you empty the trash folder, its contents cannot be restored.

Also, according to Google Support, if you have not been active in Google Photos for 2 years or more, you will not be able to get back the deleted photos. In such cases, your content may be deleted. Similarly, if you have exceeded your storage limit for 2 years or more, then all your content including photos will also be deleted.

Let's know how to get back deleted photos.
Check Trash Folder-

To restore deleted photos present in the Trash folder, find the photo you want to get back. To do this, click on the 'Restore' option. The photo will be restored to your phone gallery or Google Photo Library.

With the help of Archive Folder-
Sometimes people accidentally archive their photos and think that they have deleted them. Checking the Archive folder for lost photos can prove to be helpful. If you find your lost photos in the Archive folder, just select the 'Unarchive' option. The photo will be restored to the gallery.

Google Support-
If you have stored your deleted photos in Google Drive, then you can request Google to get them back again.


- Go to Google Drive and click on the Help page. Click on ‘Missing or deleted files’ from the help page.

- Now you will get two options in a pop-up box. The first option will be ‘request chat’ and the second will be ‘email support’. You can choose the one that suits you.

- Explain why you need Google to restore the photos/files. If it is possible then Google can recover the deleted photos or files.

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