Goa Street Foods: Along with the beach party, enjoy these delicious and popular street foods in Goa


Rose Omelette Pav - This is a famous street food of Goa. It is a masala omelette. Omelette is served in spicy gravy. It is served with pav.

Gadbad Ice Cream - You must try Gadbad Ice Cream in Goa. This ice cream has different flavors. It is served in a tall glass. It is served with falooda, vermicelli, jelly, or jam.

Sana - Sana is a very good dish for vegetarian people. It is also called Idli. Sana is made by steaming. It is made from rice. It is both salty and sweet. Or made using sugar.

Frankie - This is a great street food of North Goa. It is a popular snack. Various stuffing is done in Frankie. It includes vegetables, soya chunks, eggs, chicken, etc.

Fish Thali – You can also enjoy street food in Goa. This thali includes bread, rice, fish curry, fried fish, pickles and vegetables, etc. You can also enjoy this thali in Goa.