Ginger Barfi Recipe: Make ginger barfi in winter, it is beneficial for health as well as taste


Ginger Barfi or Adrak barfi recipe: Ginger is always used in winters to get rid of cold and cough. Ginger is rich in many medicinal properties. The antioxidants present in it protect us from many diseases in winter. Ginger does not contain cholesterol. Along with this, it is also beneficial in reducing the level of bad cholesterol. When ginger has so many properties, why not make the ginger recipe a habit in winter. Yes, if you want to avoid cough and cold in winter, then take ginger barfi. Ginger barfi will also be great in taste and will be beneficial for health too. Even the children of the house will be able to eat it with pleasure. So let's know the recipe for making ginger barfi.

Ingredients for Ginger Barfi

Ginger 200 grams

Sugar 1.5 cups (300 grams)

Ghee 2 tsp

Cardamom 10

Milk 1 cup

How to make Ginger Barfi

Before making ginger barfi, keep in mind that only fibrous ginger should be used for this. Now to make ginger barfi, take 200 grams of ginger and peel it and cut it roughly. Place the chopped ginger in a mixer jar. Add a cup of milk to it. If you do not want to use milk, you can also use water instead. Now grind it finely in a mixer. Now put a pan on medium flame and heat it by adding 1 spoon of ghee. After the ghee is heated, add the ginger paste to it. Keep stirring it for 3 to 4 minutes. Now when the ginger paste becomes thick, add one and a half cups of sugar to it. Remember, always stir the ginger paste during the whole process of making barfi. Keep stirring it even after adding sugar.

When the sugar melts well, then grind 10 cardamom seeds and put them in them. Run it for two minutes. Now take butter paper on a tray and grease it with light ghee. When the ginger paste becomes very thick, put it in this tray and spread it all over. Then make it flat with the help of a rolling pin. Cut the ginger mixture in the tray into small pieces according to you. After 10 minutes, when the barfi cools down completely, separate it into cut pieces. Take your ginger barfi is ready. You can keep it in an air-tight container and eat it easily for 1-2 months. Ginger barfi is very useful in this winter season.