Get rid of most of the hair-related problems with such use of bay leaves as suggested by experts


The use of bay leaves is not only to enhance the taste and texture of food, but by using it, you can also improve the quality of your hair. So let's know how to use this leaf. Which is expert advice.

The bay leaves are full of fragrance and health also enhances the beauty. By using them, not only the skin looks healthy and beautiful, but the hair also becomes strong. Know here how you can use them for skin and hair health.

1. Make a paste by mixing half a teaspoon of bay leaf powder, two tablespoons of curd, half a teaspoon of honey, and a little turmeric. Apply it well on the face and wash it off with water when it dries. Apply this pack twice a week. Within a few days, the difference will be visible.

2. Make a paste by mixing a few drops of rose water in half a teaspoon of bay leaf powder. Apply it well on the face and wash off with water after some time. The skin will glow.

3. After washing five-six tej pattas thoroughly, boil them in half a liter of water. After cooling, filter and separate the water. After shampooing, pour this water on the head. Use it once a week to maintain the shine of the hair.

4. Applying the paste of bay leaves on the hair ends the problem of dandruff. You can also apply it by mixing it in curd.

5. Massaging the scalp with bay leaf oil provides relief from the problem of hair fall.

6. If there is itching in the head, then applying a little coconut oil in the powder of bay leaves provides relief.

Along with a good diet, proper care is also very important to prevent hair fall. In which home remedies are beneficial to a large extent. With the maximum use of natural things, every part of the body can be groomed, whether it is hair or cheeks. So definitely try these tips given by experts.

(Dr. Pooja Chopra, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Aakash Health Care Super Specialty Hospital Dwarka

In conversation with Usha Gambhir, Beauty Consultant, Mahi Hair & Beauty, Noida)