Gemology: The fate of a person shines as soon as wearing this gem, know the right method of wearing it


Gemology: In gemology, gemstones are worn to reduce the malefic effects of planets and to increase the auspicious effects. If the right gemstone is worn at the right time, then situations can be controlled.

Gemology: Gemology recommends wearing gemstones to reduce the malefic effects of planets and increase the auspicious effects. If the right gemstone is worn at the right time, then situations can be controlled. In Ratna Shastra, the bloody sapphire gemstone is considered to be the representative gem of the planet Saturn and Mars. This stone affects two planets simultaneously. Let us know the benefits of wearing bloody sapphire and the correct method of wearing it.

Wearing it gives immense success

  • In Ratna Shastra, considering the planetary condition of a person and its effects, astrologers recommend wearing gems. Killer sapphire is a sapphire in color like blood. But it is known in English as Blue Sapphire. Let us tell you that sapphire-like color has dark pink or blood-red spots. It is also called Killer Sapphire. According to Ratna Shastra, it is very powerful. The one whom this gem suits, brings it to the floor from the floor. Not only this, a person gets immense success in life. But being inauspicious gives a negative effect.

Who can wear bloody sapphire

  • In a person's horoscope, if Scorpio is in ascendant and Capricorn and Mars is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, then the person is advised to wear bloody sapphire.
  • It is advisable to wear bloody sapphire even when the Mahadasha of Mars is going on in Aries and Capricorn ascendant.
  • Whether it is Taurus Ascendant and Scorpio sign or Taurus Ascendant and Aries sign, in that case also the person should wear Bloody Sapphire.
  • Blue Sapphire can be worn even if Aries ascendant and Aries sign, Mars is weak and Saturn is situated in good places.
  • Blue Sapphire can be worn even if a person has an Aquarius ascendant and Aries sign or Aries ascendant and Aquarius sign.
  • Astrology says to wear Blue Sapphire even if Capricorn ascendant and Capricorn is the only zodiac, Mars is sitting in the fourth, eighth, or twelfth house and Saturn is not in these places.
  • If both Mars and Saturn are exalted in the horoscope, then even at that time bloody sapphire can be worn.

Wear Blue Sapphire like this

  • It is believed that instead of gold, Blue sapphire should be worn in Platinum or Panch Dhatu only. Also, it is said that the person should wear Blue Sapphire in the hand with which the person works. That is, people working with the left hand should wear it in the left hand only. Please tell that Blue Sapphire should be worn on the middle finger. If a person wants to wear Blue Sapphire, then he should wear it on Saturday evening of Krishna Paksha of any month.

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