Garud Puran: Yamraj gives these five signs before death, changes are felt in the body!


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According to astrology, before death, the god of death gives many signs to the person. According to the Garuda Purana, shortly before death the deceased becomes aware of this and starts getting certain signs. According to legend, Lord Vishnu himself explains these symptoms in the Garuda Purana. Some people experience the symptoms of Yamaraja through dreams or visionary experiences. It may be a way of predicting events to come through dreams and spiritual experiences. So let's find out what signs were given by Yamraj before his death.

These signs appear before death

1. If one's image is not formed in water, oil, or mirror or the image appears distorted, it is believed that the time of leaving the body is near.

2. When death comes near, the person loses his eyesight and he cannot even see the people sitting around him.

3. Divine light appears in front of those whose deeds are good and that person does not feel afraid even at the time of death.

4. It is told in Garuda Purana that when the time of death approaches, two messengers of Yama come and stand in front of the dying person. Those whose deeds are not good, are afraid of the terrible messenger of Yama standing in front of them.

5. At the last moment of leaving the body, the person's voice also disappears and he tries to speak but is unable to. Along with this, the voice of others also starts decreasing.

6. Graying of hair, broken teeth, weak eyesight, and non-functioning of body parts can also be the symptoms before death.

7. According to Garuda Purana, ancestors come in dreams a few days before death. If ancestors are seen crying or sad in the dream, it means that their death is near.