Ganpati Decoration Ideas: Decorate like this to welcome Bappa, everyone will praise!


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On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, Bappa is welcomed with great pomp in every house. During the 10-day Ganeshotsav, people bring Bappa home at their convenience. Some bring Bappa home for one and a half days and some for five days. Special care is taken for the decoration of the houses where Bappa is about to visit. People already started decorating their houses for this day. Check out the decoration ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi here-

Decorate with colored papers:

If you want to decorate to welcome Ganpati Bappa, then you can use colored paper. With the help of these papers, you can make different types of designs. With their help, you can also make flowers of different shapes. You can also make butterflies from it.



Marigold flowers look very beautiful.

The decoration of marigold flowers looks very beautiful. These flowers come in two colors. You can decorate your home by mixing flowers of these two colors. Along with this, you can also garland it with green leaves. Therefore the decoration looks more attractive.


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Decorate with dupatta,

Beautiful decoration can be done with tonhi or saree. Take dupattas of different colors and set them as the background. Also, you can apply it in different ways.

Decorate with lights:

You can also decorate your house with lamps. This will give a different look to the decoration. You can use electric lamps without applying oil. Apart from this, lighting of different colors also looks beautiful.