Forget AC in summer, you will get rid of an expensive electricity bill, this is the cheap option!


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Now the hot sun of May has started falling. The temperature has reached above forty. In such a situation, the use of coolers and AC starts increasing. This gives coolness, but the electricity bill increases a lot. As a solution, cooling gel bedsheets are available in the market. If you spread this sheet on your bed, you will get relief from the heat of the sun for some time and will get a pleasant coolness.

To make the heat bearable, cooling gel sheets are now available in the market. It is also called a cooling gel mattress. By applying this bedsheet to the bed, you get cool air. It can be bought both online and offline. The K Cooling Gel Mattress can be found particularly cheap on Amazon. Normally its price is around 1500 rupees. But you can find it on Amazon for even less.

How does cold air come?

Gel technology has been used in this mattress. Once plugged into the socket, the coolness is felt within minutes. Interestingly, there is no vibration or noise while sleeping on it. This sheet produces coolness without noise. You can keep this cooling gel mattress pad under your sheets. So there is no risk of damage to it.


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How to clean

A cooling gel mattress cannot be washed like a regular bedsheet. It needs to be cleaned with a dry cloth. Using a wet cloth can make it worse. It is mostly used in summer. In summer, the cost of AC or cooler increases considerably. Already the burden on the pocket increases, apart from AC and cooler, the electricity bill also increases. Alternatively, a cooling gel mattress may be a good option. Of course, it is more useful during sleep. But during a hot summer night, it can certainly make for a comfortable sleep. Cooling gels are also available at mattress stores. But you can save more money by taking it online. Its gel technology creates coolness on the bed. This can definitely be a good option to make the summers bearable.