Foreign Accent Syndrome: The woman completely forgot her language, started talking in Russian accent, this 'dangerous' disease came to the fore on investigation, Know more...


Foreign Accent Syndrome: Can it happen that we forget the way of speaking our language (accent) and start speaking the accent of another country? You must be feeling a bit strange to hear this, but this has happened to a woman in Texas. The woman who spoke in three different accents suddenly forgot her accent and started speaking in a Russian accent, which she was not even aware of, nor was she ever in connection with a Russian accent.


The woman's name is Abby Fender, and she recently underwent surgery to repair a herniated disc. The surprising thing is that when the woman woke up after the surgery, she was stunned to know that her voice was paralyzed and her Texan accent had also disappeared. The lady is a former singer. She told that she has no connection with Russia and never lived here. The doctor was shocked to see all this.

'Foreign Accent Syndrome' detected
In fact, after investigation, it was revealed that the woman is suffering from 'Foreign Accent Syndrome'. This condition of 39-year-old Abby is so rare that only 100 cases are seen worldwide. The woman said, 'I am scared that I will never be able to talk normally again. The pitch of my voice has become very high. The strangers I talked to started laughing upon hearing my accent. Although I was never upset because it seemed fun in the beginning, now it is not. Sometimes I am treated as if I am not even an American.


Help received in 2021
Abby was a professional singer before the surgery. He started singing at the age of 11. Abby tells that in the year 2021, she got a lot of help. With the help of muscle memory and therapy, her singing pitch came back. He said, 'I saw a great speech pathologist, who helped me a lot in reducing my pitch. It also calmed the nerves in my neck, which was so good that I regained my speaking voice.