For happiness and prosperity at home, do these special measures in Navratri!


Today is the third day of Navratri. During Navratri, people worship different forms of Maa Durga for nine days. Worshiping the mother especially during these nine days brings happiness and prosperity to the house throughout the year and good luck comes.

Due to this poverty also ends. Today we are going to give you information about some measures to be done in Navratri, due to which a person remains happy. 

Special care should be taken for the cleanliness of the house during Navratri. By tying a pylon of mango leaves on the main door of the house, negative forces are not known to enter the house.


Making the sign of Swastik with the paste of turmeric, rice is also very auspicious for the house.

It is also beneficial to make feet of Goddess Lakshmi at the main door. By doing this, there is happiness and prosperity in the house as well as monetary benefits.