For good health, fruits should be consumed only on an empty stomach, but at the same time keep these things in mind

For good health, fruits should be consumed only on an empty stomach, but at the same time keep these things in mind

The World Health Organization recommends eating at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables daily, in addition to starch-filled tubers. The Indian Council of Medical Research recommends eating 300 grams of vegetables daily, including 50 grams of green leafy vegetables, 200 grams of other vegetables, and 50 grams of roots and tubers, plus 100 grams of fresh fruits daily. Must eat too.

So what other things are important to keep in mind while consuming fruits. Let's know.

Eat only one type of fruit

Many times we eat mixed fruit chaat, but it can be harmful to your health. According to experts, you should eat only one type of fruit together, such as berries, apples, and pears, oranges and grapes, etc. Apart from this, you should eat fruits like pomegranate, banana, and watermelon separately. You can eat fruits containing vitamin C together, but eating pomegranate and orange together can be harmful to you. If you are eating berries, include all types of berries.

Don't take any other diet...

Whenever you eat fruits, you should not eat vegetables or any other thing together. According to experts, if you have thought of eating fruits, then eat only fruits and do not mix them with any other food. You must eat a pinch of cinnamon mixed in fruits, it does not harm your health, but your test increases. If you like to eat the fruit in the morning for breakfast or drink its juice, then do not take it with paratha or bread. It can be injurious to health. Therefore, when you want to drink juice, then only consume juice.

View the math of calories

Each fruit contains a different amount of calories. Here they are divided based on calories. Consuming more low-calorie fruits helps to reduce calories in the diet and prevent obesity. There are 65 calories in a medium-sized apple, 50 in guava, and 40 in orange. There are 80 calories in a piece of papaya and 50 in a piece of pineapple. There are 15 calories in a slice of watermelon/melon. On the other hand, a medium-sized banana contains 116, a mango has 180, a chikoo has 80 and a custard apple has 130 calories. 30 grapes give 70 calories. There are 144 calories in 100 grams of dates, 134 in vines, and 314 in red currants. Some fruits provide very few calories, while starch-rich fruits like bananas provide a lot of energy, so by using fruits, we can increase or decrease the number of calories in our diet. It is very important to be aware of the calories present in fruits, especially for those who are trying to lose weight.

Disclaimer: Even after reading this article, if you have any doubts or questions in your mind, then you must consult your dietician.