Foot Care Tips: Follow these tips for clean heels in winter, feet will look beautiful!


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As soon as winter arrives, people start worrying about their cracked heels. Actually, there is a lack of moisture in cold air. Due to this, the skin becomes dry. Besides, dust, soil and pollution particles also start sticking to the skin of the heels. As a result, the skin becomes dry and cracked. It becomes difficult to walk due to cracked heels. In such a situation, if you want to protect your heels from cracking, then start taking care of your feet. Know here how to take care of your skin in the changing seasons-

Avoid hot water:

People like to bathe in hot water in winter. Although bathing with hot water is very comfortable, it is considered very bad for the skin. Bathing with hot water damages the skin. To get rid of dead skin, start your bath with warm water. Hot water is also good for cleaning feet.


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Use a Cleanser There

are a few changes you need to make to keep your heels clean during winter. For example, use a foot cleanser to clean heels. Try using natural cleansers. Which contains chemicals in less quantity.

Be sure to apply foot cream.

A clean heel is well moisturized. Use foot cream to moisturize your heels. Also, moisturize the skin around the ankles. The best time to apply it is right after bathing. Wash your feet and apply cream or lotion every day after bathing and before going to bed.


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Wear socks

Wear cotton socks to protect your feet. By doing this the feet can be protected from contact with dust and soil. You can use soft sleepers at home.