Food Tips- Must try these foods in winter season, you will not get a chance again


As the winter season sets in , the food landscape undergoes a pleasant change , offering a series of seasonal delights. Given the rapidly changing weather, the market becomes a treasure trove of green vegetables and fruits. Today, through this article, we will tell you about those winter dishes which you should not miss, let us know about them-

Mustard greens and corn bread: winter delights

Particularly popular in North Indian states like Haryana ,, the combination of mustard greens and makki ki roti is a winter dish. Mustard greens, available in abundance in this season, give a unique taste to this seasonal dish. The warming nature of mustard makes it a suitable choice to eat in winters , enhancing the overall experience of this traditional dish.

Chhattisgarhi Baasi: A winter special tradition

Chhattisgarhi Basi can be enjoyed throughout the year , its true essence comes alive in winter. Leftover rice is soaked overnight , washed the next morning , and mixed with curd or whey and salt. A delicious chutney, prepared by grinding fresh coriander ,, accompanies the dish.

Khichdi , Fara and Chilla: Chhattisgarh's winter rice festival

In Chhattisgarh , the arrival of new rice in winter brings forth a trio of delicious dishes – khichdi , fara and cheela. Khichdi is prepared by simply cooking rice with water and salt , later served with curd or buttermilk. Silbatta-ground chutney of coriander.

Jabar: A delicious dish of Purvanchal

Jabar , a delicacy from Purvanchal , is made from bottle gourd and new rice. The process involves roasting the bottle gourd with ghee ,, then cooking the rice separately. The two are mixed , and cooked milk is added to create a harmonious blend of tastes.