Food Eating Rules: You should also know these 5 rules before eating, there will be no shortage of food and money!



In Sanatan Dharma, food is considered almost as revered as a deity. That is why it is considered important to follow some rules while cooking and eating food. It is believed that those who cook and eat food with respect get double the blessings during the day and four times at night. It is believed that the blessings of Goddess Annapurna, the goddess of food, are always present in such homes, ensuring that food stores never run out.

According to Hindu beliefs, certain rules should be followed while preparing food. People should be pure in body and mind before cooking. Cooking should be done only when the mind is satisfied. Food should always be prepared and stored in a clean place, inviting the constant blessings of Goddess Annapurna. According to the scriptures, chanting the Bhojan Mantra before eating food is considered auspicious.

Before eating food, chant this mantra:

Om Sah Navavatu, Sah Nau Bhunaktu, Sah Viryam Karvaavhai. Tejsvi Navdhitamstu ma Vidvishavhai. , Om Shanti: Shanti: Shanti: ॥

Respect food: One

should never disrespect food while eating and eating with the right hand is considered auspicious. Eating with the left hand is considered inauspicious and can bring trouble.

Direction while eating:

In Hindu tradition, the time and direction of any work have special importance. Eating at the right time and in the right direction is highly recommended. In Hindu beliefs, the east direction is considered auspicious, hence it is considered good to face that direction while eating.

Donating food:

If one wants a continuous abundance of food and money in his home, he should always be engaged in charitable activities. Donating food is considered equal to a great donation. This involves giving daily to the common people as well as animals and birds, thereby ensuring that there is never a shortage of food and money.

The correct way of eating:

According to Hindu beliefs, one should always sit on the ground or a high seat while eating. Eat only as much food as you can, and never leave leftovers on the plate. Eating while lying in bed or washing hands while handling food is discouraged. Such practices can lead to a shortage of food and money in the house. People should always eat food with a pure heart and mind. Arguing during mealtime is considered an insult to Goddess Annapurna.