Follow these measures to get rid of drug addiction


In today's era, drug addiction is emerging as a period for the youth, about 70 percent of the youth of the country have been in the grip of drugs, although intoxication is also being seen as a fashion in today's era. If it gets caught, it becomes a very difficult task to get rid of it, there is also a big concern for the family of drug addicts that how to remove it, although many family members go to many places and see it, there are many ways to get rid of it. seek | But people rarely get the right opinion and right remedy.

Do these home remedies to get rid of addiction

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If your cigarette, gutkha, tobacco, and alcohol addiction is not going away and you are feeling a constant craving, then first of all take a piece of ginger in your house, divide it into small pieces, and that pour lemon juice on it. Give it and put a little black salt according to taste, keep it to dry in the sun, when it dries completely then keep its piece in your pocket, when you start feeling the urge of intoxication, immediately put a piece of it in your mouth. Put it in, your intoxication craving will end in a while. The amount of sulfur is found in ginger, man moves towards intoxication only when the amount of sulfur in his body decreases, if you keep the amount of sulfur in your body right then you will get rid of addiction.

How to get rid by the use of raisins

To get rid of intoxication, dry grapes are also considered to be the most useful, take a proper amount of dry grapes, cinnamon, black cardamom, and grind it to make a powder, now make small tablets from this powder, keep it in your mouth, it will help your body. There will be no need for drugs. Help in making a drug-free India, you should also tell this to your people as much as possible, so that any youth can be successful in getting rid of drug addiction, his family gets success, a successful life can be started.